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All mint USA originals unless specified. Please see home page for ordering info and P&P costs.

Artist Title Label Price
Jimmy Cross I Want My Baby Tollie £10
Gene Chandler From The Teacher Brunswick £8
Eddie Curtis I'm Available Ed Burn (VG) £15
Cheryll & Pam Lonely Girl Stax £10
Chuck Corby Happy Go Lucky Sound £40
Carnaby Street Runners While You're Out Super-K (DJ) £20
Sunny Carrington The Girl Deep £20
Charades You're With Me Mercury £20
The Circuit Blindman Three/Pac £25
Bobby Copney Ain't No Good/Love A Go Go Tuff £20
Casuals On The Square End Of Time LSP £100
Carl Carlton I Love You Forever Lando £40
Alisa Colt My New Found Love Mantis £10
Bobby Coleman Pleasure Girl Bouncy (DJ) £20
Catalinas You Haven't The Right Scepter (DJ) £10
Celestrials I Feel It Coming Don-ee £100
Vince Carey Don't Worry Turn Table (DJ) £15
Chi-Chi Just Let It Happen Rapp £20
Charmaines GI.Joe Fraternity £25
Clyde & Blu Jays Big Jerk Loma £20
Jimmy Soul Clark Almost Karen £15
Dorothy & Hesitations Trying To Work A Plan Jamie (DJ) £30
Donnels It's Better Alpha £100
Donnels Wait For Me Alpha £30
Renaldo Domino Don't Go Away Smash £20
Renaldo Domino Don't Go Away Smash (DJ) £25
Jackie Day What Kind of Man Modern £15
Dells There Is Cadet £15
Dells Make Sure Cadet £20
Debra Can You Remember Free Jack £20
Curtis Davis Your Love & My Money Bev-Mar (DJ) (VG++) £75
Gene Diamond Lonely Drifter Mothers £10
Dynamites Don't Leave Me Pay (VG) £10
Dynamics Uncle Willy/Old Shoes SAA-CE £100
Reginald Day Lost Love Midas £10
Renita Cole I Found Love/Lately Knicker Bocker £80
Chris Calloway You're Something Else CLB (VG+) £10
Lee Densey Get Out Of My Amy £20
Lee Densey Vista-Vista Amy £20
Dalton James Run Baby Nat/Gen (DJ) £15
Dynatones Pipe Piper HBR £10
Johnny Daye Good Time Jomada £10
Nella Dodds Come Back Baby Wand (DJ) £25
Debs Goodbye Boy Mercury (DJ) £20
Dramatics Since I've Been Volt £20
Wade Donald Walking Empire City (DJ) (SOL) £150
Debbie Devale Hey Lover Roulette (WDJ) £30
Daylighters Here Alone Tollie £30
Viola Edwards Love Me Baby Renfro £300
Earls Been A Long Time ABC £20
Embers It Aint Necessary Bell (VG+) £10
Lee Eldrid Leave Me Archives £15
Dee Edwards You Say You Love Tuba (VG+) £40
Jimmy Earl Strategy Columbia (DJ) £25
Enchanted Try A Little Love CVS £50
Esquires How Could It Be Bunky £20
Eldoradoes You Make My Hear Torrid £50
Ebonys Can't Get Enough Soul Clock (DJ) £30
Four Larks That's All That Count Uptown (WDJ) £100
Four Larks It's Unbelievable Uptown (WDJ) £15
Richard Fields Tears As Big Jo-Jo £20
Richard Fields I'm Packin Up Vance £100
Formations At the Top Of the Stairs MGM £15
Chuck Flamingo Love-Love Rojac (L/D) £100
Tee Fletcher Thank You Baby Josie (WDJ) £75
Continental 4 The Love You Gave Jay Walking (WDJ) £20
Carl Carlton Competition Aint Nothing Backbeat £20
Gene Chandler I Can Take Care Of Constellation (WDJ) £60
Kenny Carter I Gotta Find Her RCA (WDJ) £100
Chi-Chi Love Is/If You're Kapp (DJ) £60
Earl Cosby Oh Honey Baby Mirwood (DJ) (M-) £10
Hank & Claude Carbo Be Prepared Castle £50
James Carr A Losing Game Goldwax £25
Creations Plenty Of Love Globe £30
Cheers Take Me To Paradise Okeh (DJ) £100
Theo-Coff Lucky Day Dearborn (WDJ) £50
Chessmen Why Can't I Be Chess (WDJ) £40
Dillard Crume Take It On Home Grit (WDJ) £50
Four Sonics It Takes Two Sport (DJ) (VG+) £10
Four Sonics It Takes Two Sport £15
Milton Floyd Anyway I Can RJM £15
Herb Fame You're Messin Up Date (DJ) (WOL) £10
Helena Ferguson My Terms Compass £20
First Grade Please Come Back Frog £25
Leon Ferrell Pure Unadulterated Love Nation £15
Jenny Fuller I Get Carried Away Challenge £100
Five Jays Hey Girl Chant £50
Femm-eles Bless Our Love De-Kay-Lo £100
Fuller Brothers Times A wasting Soul Clock £50
Darrow Fletcher Now is The Time Genna £20
Fabulous Peps I Can't Get Right Premium Stuff £10
Feathers Trying To Get To You Team £10
Fabulous Traits Love Is Strange Tele-Phonic £30
Lilly Fields I Got To Tell You Holton (DJ) £100
Fallons Standing On Guard Big Wheel £25
Fabulous Carousels Would You Love Me Towne (DJ) £100
Sheila Ferguson How Did That Happen? Landa £100
Lilly Fields I've Been Discovered Spectrum £30
Fawns Girl In Trouble Tec £10
Fantastic Johnny C Don't Depend On Me Phil/A £20

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