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All mint USA originals unless specified. Please see home page for ordering info and P&P costs.

Artist Title Label Price
Isley Brothers Guess I'll Always Love You Tamla (WOL) £5
Isley Brothers Tell Me It's Just A Rumour UK TMG 877 £10
Isley Brothers I'll Guess I'll Always UK TMG 683 £5
Isley Brothers Behind Painted Smile/This Old Heart UK TMG 1050 £5
Jamal Trice If Love Is Not Soul (WDJ) £8
Jerry Butler Crack it Up UK TMG (DJ) £10
Jimmy Ruffin What Becomes Of Broken Hearted Soul (WDJ) £8
Jimmy Ruffin Forever Is a Lonely Sound Soul £5
JJ Barnes Real Humdinger Ric Tic £8
JR Walker Tune Up Soul £12
JR Walker Come See About Me Soul £6
JR Walker Way Back Home Soul £6
JR Walker I Ain't Going Nowhere UK TMG 1070 (DJ) £20
JR Walker How Sweet It Is UK TMG 571 £15
Keith & Darrell Work That Body Tamla £50
Keith & Darrell Kickin' It Around Tamla £10
Keith & Darrell Don't Be Afraid Tamla £40
Kim Weston Helpless Gordy £20
Kim Weston Take Me In Your Arms Gordy (WDJ) £20
Kim Weston Take Me In Your Arms Gordy £15
Kim Weston Just Lovin' You Tamla £12
Kim Weston Love Me All The Way Tamla £12
Kim Weston Looking For The Right Guy Tamla (WDJ) £20
Kim Weston I'm Still Loving You Tamla (WOL) £80
Kim Weston A Thrill A Moment Gordy £75
Little Lisa Hang On Bill VIP (WOL) £25
Liz Lands Midnight Johnny Gordy (SOL) £50
Liz Lands Midnight Johnny Gordy (WDJ) £75
Magic Disco Scratchin' UK TMG 1004 £10
Major Lance I Never Thought UK TMG 1109 (DJ) £20
Martha Reeves My Baby Loves Me Gordy £12
Martha Reeves Come & Get These Memories Gordy £10
Martha Reeves I'm Ready For Love Gordy £8
Martha Reeves Nowhere To Run Gordy (WOL) £8
Martha Reeves Quicksand Gordy £6
Martha Reeves Dancing In The Street Gordy £6
Martha Reeves One Way Out Gordy £10
Martha Reeves Show Me The Way Gordy £10
Martha Reeves I Gotta Let You Go Gordy £8
Martha Reeves We Got Honey Love Gordy £5
Martha Reeves Bless You Gordy £5
Martha Reeves Honey Love Gordy £5
Martha Reeves Forget Me Not Gordy £5
Martha Reeves I Promise To Wait Gordy (WDJ) £8
Marvelletes That's How Heart Aches Tamla £8
Marvelletes Keep Off No Tresspassing Tamla £10
Marvelletes Locking Up My Heart Tamla Tamla £10
Marvelletes Don't Make Hurting Me Tamla £10
Marvelletes Strange I Know Tamla £10
Marvelletes Destination Anywhere Tamla £8
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