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All mint USA originals unless specified. Please see home page for ordering info and P&P costs.

Artist Title Label Price
Five Stairsteps Ooh Child Buddah £6
Flame & King MP Brandyfeet £10
Floyd Morris Mellow Mood BBS (VG++) £10
Frank Wess Cold Miner Prestige £10
Fred Wesley Damn Right I Am People (WDJ) £8
Fred Wesley Rockin Funky Watergate People (WDJ) £8
Fred Wesley It's Not JB's Monorail People (WDJ) £8
Fred Wesley Same Beat People (WDJ) £10
Fred Wesley Doing It To Death People (WDJ) £6
Fred Wesley Watermelon Man People (WDJ) £8
Fred Wesley You Can Have Watergate People (WDJ) £6
Fred Wesley House Party RSO £8
Freddie Lowe We Ain't As Tight Polydor (VG+) (WDJ) £10
Freddie Scott You Got What I Need Shout £10
Freddie Scott Same Old Beat Marlin (VG+) £15
Fun House In Whose Eyes Epic (WDJ) £5
George Benson Erotic Moods Paul Winley £10
Geraldine Jones Soul Encyclopedia Sound of Soul £15
Gi-Gi Daddy Love Sweet £8
Gino Washington You Got Me In A Whirlpool Atac £100
Gloria Taylor Grounded Silver Box £5
Gloria Walker Papas Got The Wagon People (VG++) £8
Gorden Staples Strung Out Motown (WDJ) £10
Hank Ballard From the Love Side Polydor £10
Hank Ballard How You Gonna Get Respect King £10
Hank Ballard Come on Wit It King £8
Headhunters God Make Me Funny Artist £8
Henry Love Fire Sussan (VG+) BID
Herbie Mann Waterbed Atlantic £5
Herbie Mann Hijack Atlantic £5
Herman Kelly Dance to Drummer_s Beat Alston £6
Highlighters Have a Little Faith Lulu £40
Hokis Pokis Nowhere Black Magic £10
Holly Maxwell Philly Baracuda Star (WDJ) £10
Honey Drippers Streakin' Alaga £20
Hustlers Hustling People £30
Ike & Tina Bold Soul Sister B/Thumb (WOL) (VG+) £4
Insiders In the Midnight Hour People (WDJ) £10
J.Bs Thank you for People (DJ) £10
J.Bs The Grunt Kent (White Test Press) £25
J.Bs Gimmie Some More Mojo (VG+) £5
J.Bs Givin' Up Food Mojo £6
J.Bs Wedge Bessie Brownstone £10
J.P. Robertson Say It Alston £5
James Crawford Stonebox King £8
James Crawford Honest I Do Omen £10
James Dee Brother James Enrica £30
Janet Lawson Dindi United Artist £12
Jean Knight Mr Big Stuff Stax £6
Jenny_s Daughters Dirty Feet Paramount £15
Jesse Morrison Shakey Pudding Abet £5
Jimmy Be Horn Sweet Love Power DIG £30
Jimmy Castor Hey Leroy Smash £6
Jimmy Spicer Money, Dollar Bill Spring £5
Jo Ann King Hey Lancelot Phil/A/Soul (DJ) £20
Joe Arnold Soul Trippin Wand (DJ) (WOL) £10
Joe Frazier You Got the Love Cloverlay £15
Joe Kennedy Funky Time Vigor (DJ) £20
Joe Quaterman I Got so Much Trouble GSF £5
Joe Simon The Whoopee Veejay £5
Joe Tex I Gotcha Dial £5
Joey Gilmore Got it Together Lauderdale £15
John Roberts Sophisticated Funk Pure £5
John Tirk Confess Your Love Brown Door £15
Johnny Otis Jaws Hawk £10
Johnny Smith NYPD Prestige £10
Jones Girls Hey Lucinda Curtom £8
Jones Girls I Turn to You Curtom £8
Jonny Hathaway The Ghetto ATCO £5
Juice Juicie Ebony £6
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